Whether it’s WordPress, CRMs, mobile applications, or complete custom builds, our Developer Partners can help bring your vision to life and improve your clients’ experience. But, with so many talented developers and designers at your fingertips, how do you narrow the search?

“If [you’re] looking for a beautiful WordPress site with custom IDX Broker results and details pages, then I highly recommend RealtyCandy.” – Javier Alvarez, XcellenceRealty.com

Get to know RealtyCandy…

Your Background?

“We were the first developer partner to exclusively use IDX Broker for our clients. Because we only support IDX Broker for our clients’ sites, we feel we have been able to develop some expertise in building out customized IDX pages, IDX addons, and other tools that benefit IDX Broker users.”

Areas of Expertise?

“We specialize in high-performance WordPress themes and IDX addons that offer more functionality to IDX Broker like Data Graphs, Similar Listings, Nearby Listings, Text Alerts and more.”

Why IDX Broker?

“We chose IDX Broker because James used it when he was a Realtor to get leads and build his online real estate business.  Other agents asked for help on their sites, and IDX Broker became our preferred tool for capturing leads.”

Favorite Online Tools?

“We really like Unsplash for great photos and Coverr for videos for clients’ sites.”

Pro Tip?

“Building out saved searches gets you more Google-juice than almost anything else you can do.”

Recent Testimonial?

“If you are a Real Estate Agent or Broker looking for a beautiful WordPress site with custom IDX Broker results and details pages, then I highly recommend RealtyCandy.  They understand WordPress in and out, and as far as I am concerned, [they] are the only ones that can create IDX pages that can compete with the big portals, in looks and functionality. ”

– Javier Alvarez, XcellenceRealty.com

Favorite Example Site(s)?

‘We like www.XcellenceRealty.com and www.classicresortsrealestate.com as example sites.”


Methods of Support?

We provide support through email, chat, phone; and, in a bind – in person if you want to come to incredible St. George Utah. Or, we can meet you by traveling to your city.

Anything Else We Should Know?

“We love to build new custom functionality that makes IDX Broker do amazing things.  From IDX page design customizations to coding custom apps to connect to your favorite CRM or other software.”

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