If you’re an IDX Broker blog subscriber, you may have already read two recent posts featuring IDX Developer Partner Marketing 360®: (1)  highlights of the webinar The Art of Nurturing Leads and Closing Deals and (2) a recap of two real estate case studies IDX Broker Helps Real Estate Businesses Through Advanced Search Tools, IDX Feeds, and Advanced Property Search Tools.

But who is Marketing 360®, and how can they help your real estate business? We asked Eric Tarlo, VP of Partnerships at Marketing 360®/Madwire, for the inside scoop. 

With over 600 employees serving 20,000 clients, Marketing 360® touts the tagline #1 Marketing Platform® for Small Business. Offering email marketing, social media management, eCommerce, reputation management, payments processing, creative tools, ad management, CRM, Marketing 360® is so much more. 

“Sometimes, existing IDX Broker clients have a dated website and come to us for help. Other times, they have an amazing website but need marketing help,” Tarlo explained. “Our industry-leading solution combines technology and the team to execute on both paths, and I think that’s the best of both worlds. We can show true ROI and results, and that’s really important.”  

He continued, “When a REALTOR comes to us asking for an IDX solution, we use IDX Broker to build them a really slick website. As part of the conversion goals, we’ll leverage IDX Broker embedded into the website for an overall comprehensive marketing campaign that we might be running for them or they might be running on their own using our tech.” 

New and existing IDX Broker clients interested in learning more about how they can benefit from a partnership with Marketing 360 can find more on this page. “Our onboarding team knows IDX Broker is the go-to solution for real estate websites, and we hear positive feedback from them about their experience with IDX Broker on a regular basis,” Tarlo said. 

For more information, on Marketing 360® visit their website or call 833-277-1330. For more information on the IDX Brokers Developer Partner program, visit our website or call 435-222-5522.