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  • agent subheader code

Tutorial Tuesday – Agent Subheader Code

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Office and Team account users may tag any IDX link with an Agent code. Brand the IDX pages for your use and capture leads directly from your unique link. Agent Subheader Code If [...]

  • step up your real estate game

How Can IDX Step Up Your Real Estate Game

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In the real estate business you need to play to win. A license and company website get you in the game, but these are just the necessary pieces to set the board. To stay in real [...]

  • agent dashboard overview

Tutorial Tuesday – Agent Dashboard Overview

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As an agent in an office account, you may have your very own login. This gives you some unique features to manage your listings, contact information, and leads. Agent Dashboard Overview Get familiar [...]

  • 2016 in review

IDX 2016 Year in Review

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We are fully in 2017, which is a prime time to reflect on the climb IDX Broker took in 2016. It was a big year of transitions, growth, and increased software stability. Before we move forward [...]

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IDX Broker News

IDX 2016 Year in Review

We are fully in 2017, which is a prime time to reflect on the climb IDX Broker took in 2016. It was a big year of transitions, growth, and increased software stability. Before we move forward into this year let's see what features were released and gauge the growth that occurred in 2016. Database Rebuild This last year was exciting for us as we started the year with a focus on restructuring the core of how we process data. This rebuild resulted in more reliable data at faster intervals and a plan to roll out sold data to more markets. Our primary [...]

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Real Estate Technology

5 Reasons You Need Video to Sell Real Estate

Content is king on the Internet, which is increasingly reaching every aspect of our lives. No content is more powerfully convincing or more highly consumed than online videos. Video production tools have gotten more affordable. Producing and distributing great promotional content for your houses has never been easier. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Here are 5 reasons you need video to sell real estate. Cover All Your Bases Some people prefer reading about a property or neighborhood, while others are visual. Graphically inclined folks really need the moving visual aspect of video to capture their attention. Advertisers know that just having a newspaper [...]

By | October 21st, 2016|Categories: Featured Technology, Real Estate Technology, Tips & Tricks|

Tips & Tricks

Tutorial Tuesday – Detail Page SEO

IDX Broker provides your website with thousands of property detail pages. Make it easier for search engines and potential buyers to find the perfect property. This tutorial should help you edit the detail page SEO settings.   Set Detail Page SEO Every property in your MLS has it's own IDX detail page. Take full advantage of all this unique content. Set the SEO settings for these pages to give all your pages a boost on search results. Check out our Tutorial Tuesday series every week for more quick tip videos. If you have any ideas for videos, share [...]

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New OmniBar Search Widgets for IDX Broker WordPress Plugin

The IDX Broker WordPress plugin now includes two new OmniBar search widgets! These new search widgets can be added via shortcodes or placed in widget areas within your WordPress theme. Visitors can now search for real estate listings on your website by entering: City County Postal code MLS number Address Searches completed with any of the above fields will take visitors to the relevant results page. Two types of the new OmniBar search widget are available within the IDX Broker WordPress plugin. The simplest one is called the IDX OmniBar Search Widget. The more comprehensive version is called the IDX OmniBar [...]

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