How do you know when a prospective client is ready to buy or list a home? Do you really know what a qualified lead is and when to feel confident they’re ready to commit to signing a contract with your agency? 

As disheartening as it may sound, if someone hasn’t unsubscribed from your email list, they’re still potentially interested in your business. 

In this 50-minute recorded panel presentation, The Art of Nurturing Leads and Closing Deals co-panelists from IDX Broker, BombBomb, and Marketing 360° offer industry insight and advice on:

  • how to bring in more qualified leads
  • some of the best ways to keep your leads engaged throughout the sales cycle
  • how to use technology to help nurture your leads
  • how to move your leads from top of the funnel to paid customers
  • signs your customer is engaged and ready to buy
  • knowing the right content to share with your leads
  • analyzing lead behavior and content performance to increase sales
  • how to build trust and credibility with your prospects


For most homeowners, research is key to making an informed decision about buying or selling a home. As an agent, research is key to knowing more about your client and serving them in the most effective way. 

Digital devices and “cloud” connectivity is ubiquitous to our modern society and, any more, clients expect you to be connected, responsive, and generally available throughout the day and evening. As a working professional and business owner, harnessing technology in the form of marketing automation tools will help you to better manage your time and stay organized with time for family and self care.  

Prioritizing Leads for Follow Up

Knowing when and how to connect with leads in your database—prioritizing them by interest, engagement, and activity—helps you strategically grow a customer base you can support, serve, and sustain in the long run. 

Data gives you a more definitive and confident understanding of where someone is at in the buying or selling process. Knowing who opened an email, what links they clicked, how long they searched, and specific details about the location and types of properties viewed and saved helps you identify serious buyers and start the framework of a buyer profile that can be amended as you better understand their wants and needs. 

Personal Connections for Lead Management

Analytics and digital insights can help you to forecast markets, and tailor your communication and marketing messaging accordingly. But, is there a way to make marketing automation seem more personable? 

Information gathering in the form of a click or a call-to-action embedded into your communication channels will help you to follow up any interest in the form of a conversation instead of a monologue. Is there an opportunity to connect on a personal level? Are you creating buyer personas for each lead and updating the information regularly? Have you considered adding a pre-recorded video to your messaging to introduce yourself in three dimensions? 

Building Social Proof and Credibility

Educating beyond the expectation is the first step in providing value that will support and maintain the relationship with leads. For example, adding up-to-date market reports to your site, sending ‘‘what to expect” checklists to first-time homebuyers, or helping empty-nesters find an investment property in a community on the rise. 

The next big milestone is building long-term trust and credibility that drives referrals and connects you to your community. This can come in the form of social proof. Do you have reviews on your site? On Zillow? Data shows reviews and recommendations drive spending habits for younger, digitally-savvy consumers in all markets. The “about us” page is the third-most visited page on a real estate website. Do you have relatable photos and bios, and is this “human” element carried through into an active and relevant social media presence? Do you track birthdays and anniversaries and remember to stay in touch after the ink on the closing papers has dried? 

SEO for Visibility

Last, but not least, learn more about SEO and how to improve the searchability of your real estate website. Adding community pages that highlight different types of homes—subdivisions, cities, postal codes, counties, golf course homes, hobby farms, coastal homes, new construction—is an easy approach to boosting your traffic and helping clients and leads have a positive experience online and in real life.

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