Celebrating Women in Technology at IDX Broker

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At IDX Broker, an Elm Street company, we celebrate the diverse and robust accomplishments of our female employees on International Women’s Day and throughout International Women’s Month.  Composing approximately 30% of our workforce, women hold positions of leadership and responsibility across the IDX Broker marketing, accounting, engineering, MLS, and support teams.  Representing a wide range

IDX Broker: 100 Best Places To Work

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100 Best Places to Work To say that we are excited about being named as one of the 100 Best Places to Work by Outside Magazine would be an understatement. Everyone in the IDX family is ecstatic. What makes working at IDX so great? Watch this video to see why we made the list. (Be sure

  • salesforce high score board with idx broker

Using Salesforce for Custom Integrations

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We take our video games seriously at IDX Broker, so we need our scoreboard to reflect that. When there's an arcade in your break room, there's competition for high scores. The whiteboard worked, but it got messy. So, we began to ask ourselves...how can we upgrade our scoreboard and make it awesome? Salesforce was the answer. IDX Broker