Managing a real estate business isn’t easy. The digital lifestyle promises ease, but often delivers headaches. IDX Broker has uncovered great tools to help you run your business and make life easier. The best news is, they’re all free! 

Fere Real Estate Tools


We know you’re dealing with a loads of documents each day. Keeping track of them all can be quite a task. CamScanner offers a simple solution to scan in your documents with your phone and keep them all in one place. Tame the paperwork beast with CamScanner.


Need a quick note about a property or just a way to stay organized? Evernote is great to keep text and picture notes synced across devices. Take notes on your phone during a meeting and check them out on your laptop at home.


There are so many numbers and calculations in real estate. From acreage to square footage to mortgage rates and monthly rents. For an all-in-one converter, turn to Vert. This app provides an easy, accurate way to convert the numbers that you need.


A standard email client is great for personal correspondence. For business emails sometimes you need a little bit more. MailChimp offers services to create email campaigns that you can schedule and send out for a more professional look to a larger audience.

Google Analytics

This one is a biggie. If you don’t know how many people are visiting your pages, you can’t really judge your website success. Sign up for an account to track the people visiting your site and how long they are staying. A simple code applied to each page can provide a lot of data. You can find out the pages that are working and those that may need some tweaks. Google Analytics offers training, so you won’t be left drowning in data.

Readability Test Tool

Great content is only mediocre if your audience can’t read it. Before you make an important post or even submit a property description to the MLS, run it through the Readability Test Tool. This free online tool takes text from a webpage and provides readability scores based on several standard indicators. This ensures that your content is easily accessed by your readers.


Just like MailChimp can automate emails, Hootsuite can automate your social media. Set up automatic feeds to Twitter or Facebook, etc and leverage this powerful tool to spend less time with social media and more time selling houses. You can spend a little time setting Hootsuite up in the morning and appear to be busy sending fresh content all day long.

So there you go! Pick and choose from the list. Using even just one of these free tools can make your business life easier and more effective. Good luck out there!