Our Developer Partners bring your visions to life, and they specialize in building and enhancing custom real estate websites with IDX Broker.  But, with so many talented developers and designers at your fingertips, how do you narrow the search?

“If you have an online presence and value what your customers see, read, and think about you, you owe it to your business and clients to have Agent Reputation on your team.” -Paul Boudier, Keller Williams Realty

Get to know Agent Reputation…

Your Background?

“One of our managing partners was working on projects at AOL in the 90’s. One is a Realtor. Another is a ‘TOP’ WordPress developer and IDXb developer. The management team entered the real estate side of web development and online marketing many years ago with other companies before forming Agent Reputation. When we first launched we were focused on building the online reputation for Realtors. Now we have full service custom real estate web design, marketing and content teams all working together to provide a best of class product.”

Areas of Expertise?

“Website Design, Reputation/Review Marketing, Custom IDX Integration, Blogging/Content Creation, WordPress, Online Marketing and integration with other IDX Developer Partners like IMAX CRM and eMerge.”

Why IDX Broker?

“Back in the day with another company, we were using what was the most popular WordPress friendly IDX at the time along with IDX Broker. Then there was a point the other IDX was sold off and IDX Broker stepped up their offerings to where they are today. Our clients love all the features that come with IDX Broker Platinum.”

Favorite Online Tools?

“As an IDX Broker Developer Partner, we actually suggest to our clients the technology from a number of other companies who are also IDX partners like IMAXcrm as a CRM and eMerge for their Consumer Touch system, of which, directly integrate with IDX Broker. We were a fan of Adwerx until we developed our own banner re-targeting system.”

Pro Tip?

  1. Understand the advantages of OWNING your website outright vs RENTING a site to establish your historical branding.
  2. Blogging and Video need to be your two best friends.
  3. “DiY = FSBO” Hire a professional.

Recent Testimonial?

“CJ Hays and the Agent Reputation team are a tremendous asset to our business. If you have an online presence and value what your customers see, read, and think about you, you owe it to your business and clients to have Agent Reputation on your team. I highly recommend them. Thank you for all you do.”    – Paul Boudier, Keller Williams Realty

Favorite Example Site(s)?

Taub Properties, Roost Real Estate, Christi Hill Team

Methods of Support?

“We have an automated online support system in place 24/7 and are available by phone or e mail weekdays. There is always somebody on call should an emergency arise. Also, if you are in Las Vegas for a real estate conference, CJ has a pool and loves to BBQ if you want to stop by.”

Anything Else We Should Know?

“We are very ’boutique’ like. Every client web project has custom elements whether we are creating a new website or taking over their current site to CORRECTLY integrate the IDX. We customize IDX for our clients and not our clients for the IDX. Regarding technology, we are generations ahead of the curve. We have extremely high client retention and have added many more marketing services including blogging, lead generation, re-targeting and one-on-one coaching with CJ Hays.”

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