Wrappers? What are those? And how do they work? We get wrapper questions all the time. They’re a bit…misunderstood (Support can help if you have questions). Thankfully, IDX Broker Developer Partner WinningAgent has explained IDX Brokers wrappers and how they can help boost your SEO.


If you’re looking for information on IDX Broker wrappers, check out this post – How IDX Wrappers Can Boost Your SEO from WinningAgent. Want to learn more about customizing your page and search content? They cover the following topics:

  • Custom subdomains
  • Dynamic title tags
  • Dynamic meta tags
  • IDX and HTML site maps

In addition to the SEO boost, they clearly explain the benefit of having IDX Broker wrappers instead over iframes:

An iframe works like a window within a window, placing a webpage content from another website into a window on the webpage. It’s two separate things and search engines see it that way. I don’t recommend this method.

A wrapper seamlessly combines the data together onto one webpage as if it was all from the same source. IDX Broker offers this, and I do recommend it.

Want to know more about how IDX Broker wrappers can be set up to benefit your SEO? Be sure to read the entire post, here.