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WinningAgent on IDX Broker Wrappers & SEO

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Wrappers? What are those? And how do they work? We get wrapper questions all the time. They're a bit...misunderstood (Support can help if you have questions). Thankfully, IDX Broker Developer Partner WinningAgent has explained IDX Brokers wrappers and how they can help boost your SEO. If you're looking for information on IDX Broker wrappers, check

What’s a Wrapper? IDX Broker Wrappers Explained

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If you've worked with IDX Broker before, you've probably heard the term 'wrapper' a few times. It sounds more confusing than it really is. No, we're not referring to candy bars, but wrappers are still pretty sweet. In IDX Broker terminology, a wrapper is HTML code that seamlessly integrates (wraps) your IDX content in the style