What are widgets? Where do they go? Why use widgets in IDX Broker? Widgets are powerful tools in your IDX arsenal. Get to know these little wonders and put them to work for you.

widgets in idx broker technology for real estate

What are Widgets?

Widgets are bits of code that run encapsulated applications. They’re like handy little pockets of content. Widgets are available for everything – from local weather forecasts to displaying your Twitter feed.

You can use widgets in IDX Broker to place property and contact details outside of the IDX pages.

Where Widgets Go

The wonderful thing about widgets is they can wander. Unlike the content on your IDX Broker pages, widgets aren’t tied to the IDX Broker server. They’re independent bits of code that can be placed on any webpage.

Widgets are well-suited to areas like your homepage or an existing neighborhood page. Place widgets anywhere you want a splash of IDX content on your site.

Using Widgets in IDX

You want to sell real estate. Do this by displaying an abundance of content and push them to the IDX search results. Place your IDX widgets on high traffic pages, to help your visitors find the right real estate and contact you to close the deal.

Get started by placing a quick search widget on your homepage. Next, throw in some showcase widgets to get some good property information in front of your visitors.

The best thing is that widgets are totally editable. Make one and play around with it. Change the settings and try a few things. You can always go back in and edit the criteria or the look of the widget itself.