Migration isn’t just for the birds…our newest platform provides a host of benefits that make IDX Broker Lite and Platinum better than ever! Here are a hand picked few to ruffle your feathers and get you migrating from IDX Broker Original to IDX Broker Lite or Platinum.

1. Improved Link SEO

The SEO-friendly URL structure of page links within IDX Broker Lite and Platinum is shorter and more relevant for search engines and end users. This brevity makes it easier for people to find your site’s IDX pages.

2. Mobile-Friendly

IDX Broker can detect mobile devices automatically, and then send those visitors to a mobile version of your site. Your site is restyled with our Mobile First templates – no app required! All of your site’s IDX pages and search tools are made to be easy to use, no matter what kind of smartphone, tablet or other device your visitors are using to browse your site.

3. Better Layouts

Our designers are constantly working on eye candy to deliver your listings to web visitors in the most appealing way. IDX Broker Lite and Platinum both benefit from these new and improved layouts. Multiple design (layout) options are available through our template library.

4. More Widgets

IDX Broker Original had some great widgets, but the new platform has many more! Check out our fully responsive widgets for any site. They’re easy to update on the fly and you can organize them all through the IDX Broker interface.

5. Better Lead Management

Capture new leads efficiently from any IDX Broker page, then manage them like a boss. By migrating to IDX Broker Lite or Platinum, you’ll have visibility on lead traffic stats, so you can customize the property search results emails you send out regularly.

6. XML Sitemaps

Location, location, location. The top of page one is prime real estate on any search results page. Even with the best content and highest quality product, your selling power is only as effective as your placement. Give search engines a clue and provide them with XML sitemaps straight from your IDX Broker account.

7. API Functionality

IDX Broker Lite and Platinum come with a robust API that advanced developers can use to build custom tools using IDX Broker data (different than the actual MLS data). The IDX Broker API allows you or your developer to use customize the use of your WordPress plugin, to access your leads, featured properties, and other information like your custom city lists. While this doesn’t allow for raw data, it does provide a little more freedom and flexibility in how you display your IDX data.

8. Added Stability

While IDX Broker Original is great, it was built over a decade ago. Many things have changed and the newer platform is able to take advantage of these improvements in web technology by providing greater stability than ever before. Take a look at this Knowledgebase article outlining the steps for migrating to help make the migration go smoothly.

9. Facebook Application

Take advantage of the largest social media phenomenon, ever. IDX Broker now includes a Facebook Application that lets you to post your featured properties right on your Facebook Business page. Even better is the fact that these are automatically updated. Once it is setup, you can have your Facebook friends and fans see all of your properties.

10. Same Price

But wait…there’s more! Get all of these wonderful features for no additional charge. That’s right, IDX Broker Lite is the same monthly price as Original. If you want even more, consider paying a little extra and upgrade to Platinum. This product comparison matrix is designed to help you decide.

IDX Broker Lite and Platinum are getting better and better. Soar even higher by migrating your Original account to IDX Broker Lite. If you want the very best, consider upgrading to our Platinum product for only $20/month more. The sky’s the limit!