We are fast approaching 2020, getting ready for Q1 and a fresh new season of webinars!

We had a great year of live webinars full of takeaways, tutorials and best practices. Our hosts covered a range of topics including website “spring cleaning”, real estate marketing, lead management and of course, your favorite IDX home search! Thank you to each of our IDXperts who shared their experience and expertise!

Without further ado, we present IDX Broker’s Top 5 webinars of 2019:

New and Improved Platinum Features

In our first webinar of 2019, Tech Support Specialist and Onboarding Expert, Ben walks us through the newest Platinum features, most of which were driven by your customer feedback.

In this webinar, Ben discusses several features, but the highlight is certainly the Home Atlas Results Template. Featuring a modern look and built with lead generation in mind, Home Atlas displays your search results alongside an interactive map. Ben begins to explore this intuitive template at 4:00.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Leads love it – Visitors can search and “heart” properties like they do on larger aggregate real estate sites. Plus, with the mobile responsive design, leads can manage their favorite properties and saved listings on the go.
  • It’s modern & responsive – Home Atlas looks good and functions seamlessly across all devices. By combining beauty and functionally, it offers a great User Experience. This professional, clean design is aesthetically pleasing with all the useful elements that homebuyers love and have come to expect.
  • You can highlight sold data – At 16:00 Ben shows you how to create rolling Recent Sales saved links with daily, monthly, and weekly target parameters for Sold Data sets. Empower visitors to view what’s sold in their area within a custom look-back period!

You’ll also learn all about Home Atlas, as well as Facebook Dynamic Ads, Text Message Alerts and our 2019 Sold Data price reduction!

Watch it now: New and Improved Platinum Features

Please note: This webinar includes an outdated version of the IDX Broker Dashboard.


Optimize Your Real Estate Marketing I: Facebook

Online advertising can do wonders for any agent’s business, but it can be costly and competitive. Luckily there is a simple, cost-effective solution… Facebook! In this webinar, marketing expert Bishop shows us how to create your Facebook Pixel and install it in your IDX Broker dashboard.

Bishop wastes no time and dives in right at 1:05. However, if you plan to watch this webinar, you need to know there are two prerequisites:

From there you can follow Bishop’s step-by-step instructions for creating your Facebook pixel, choosing the events you’d like to track, adding your new snippet of code to your global wrapper, and creating custom audiences!

Your key takeaway for this webinar:

  • The Facebook pixel is the key to retargeting. If you have the Facebook pixel installed in your IDX Broker dashboard, it will track the activity of the visitors on your site who are logged into Facebook. It sees which pages they visit on your site, which ones they don’t visit, and when they visit. Using this data, you can advertise to very specific homebuyers (and browsers) based on the neighborhoods they look at, price range, etc.

Watch it now: Optimize Your Real Estate Marketing I: Facebook

Please note: This webinar includes an outdated version of the IDX Broker Dashboard.


Optimize Your Real Estate Marketing II: Open Houses & Google Ads

This action-packed webinar was the second in the popular “Optimize Your Real Estate Marketing” series. Marketing Expert Bishop explores the combined power of using Facebook and Google Ads as part of an overall marketing strategy to drive a steady source of leads.

Beginning at 3:31, Bishop walks you through the promotion of an Open House via Facebook. He covers budget, promotional schedule, ad format, Facebook advertisement guidelines and so much more! To get the most out of this step-by-step process, be sure to watch Part 1 of the series.

If you plan to watch this webinar for the Google Ads content, then jump on ahead to 12:30. But, once again, know there is a prerequisite – you must have a Google Ads account. Once you do, you can follow Bishop’s step-by-step instructions for creating a General Branded Search campaign as well as a neighborhood-specific campaign.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Google Ads drives new clicks and traffic, while Facebook is great for retargeting and re-engagement.
  • Using google Ads to bid on your own brand name in search engines is a cost-effective and beneficial way to beat out your real estate competitors, increase the number of clicks on your site, and attract more homebuyers and browsers to your website!

Watch it now: Optimize Your Real Estate Marketing II: Open Houses & Google Ads


IDX Broker + WordPress: Impressive Compatibility

There’s a reason WordPress is the most popular web-based platform… it’s customizable, powerful and easy to use! This webinar is perfect for WordPress beginners. Plus, it was one of the first to highlight the new and improved IDX Broker dashboard.

Jeff begins his introductory explanation for installing the IMPress Plugin on your WordPress Real Estate site at 1:48. He gives easy-to-follow instructions, clicking between the IDX and WordPress Dashboards, covering roughly 13 topics! He demonstrates how to download the plugin, find your API Key, install a Global Wrapper, set up your Omnibar search, curate search pages and so much more.

If you already have a WordPress site with IDX Broker and are just looking to make a few updates, jump to 18:28. Jeff shows you how to update your Results Pages to the new Home Atlas template, as well as edit and add content to your Details Pages. Plus, at 21:22 he shows you how to choose and create new Widgets.

Your key takeaways for this webinar:

  • WordPress and IDX Broker are a match made in heaven.
  • It’s easy to integrate and customize – You can choose any WordPress real estate theme and IMPress for IDX Broker will seamlessly integrate your IDX pages. From there, you can add maps, quick searches, listing slideshows, lead capture forms and more.
  • You should leverage widgets – Standard widgets are available right out of the box. You can also create (and style) an unlimited number of custom widgets. Our API ensures the widgets you create in the IDX dashboard are available in WordPress. From there, you can drag-and-drop them anywhere on your site!
  • Omnibar Search is the way to go – It’s intuitive and lets your visitors find relevant properties quickly by searching the city, county, postal code, MLS number, or address. Extra fields like price maximum and bed/bath allow for even more refinement.

Watch it now: IDX Broker + WordPress: Impressive Compatibility


Optimize Your Real Estate Marketing III: Google ‘My Business’

What if you could stand out on Google for free? You can! In this webinar, Bishop explores Google ‘My Business,’ the free tool which allows you to promote your business and connect with clients across Google Search and Maps.

This short and concise webinar is Part III in our “Optimize Your Real Estate Marketing” series and includes actionable takeaways and a glossary (at 9:48).

Bishop begins by explaining the foundations of local search and how Google ‘My Business’ contributes to your publishing strategy and competitive edge. At 6:40 Bishop demonstrates the different ways to “claim your Google ‘My Business’ Page,” before diving into Tips & Tricks. At 7:15, he shows you how to use Google ‘My Business’ Posts in order to stand out effectively. He walks you through UTM tracking, preferred image format and size, ideal character count, publishing strategy and more!

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Google My Business is free, easy and makes an impact! You can’t afford not to claim your business.
  • Gain insights you can’t find anywhere else including total searches, how many times someone has called your business or gotten directions to your business, where your listings were seen (organic search, maps, etc.), plus competitive metrics. You won’t even find these analytics in Google Ads or Google Search Console.

Watch it now: Optimize Your Real Estate Marketing III: Google ‘My Business’


We hope you enjoy the top 5 IDX Broker webinars and have the chance to learn something new. See you in 2020!