Top 3 Ways to Optimize Your IDX Broker Pages for Search

Integrated IDX search is an absolute must for any real estate website. But what if you’re providing the same MLS listings as another site? How do you stand out from the online crowd? The answer is by providing unique and relevant content. Search engines (and your visitors) love unique and relevant content. IDX Broker makes it easy for you to generate and leverage useful content to get your site ranking.

Here are the top three ways you can optimize your IDX Broker pages to feed search engines with more content to crawl, and give your visitors a reason to come back often.

Real estate Search Engine Optimization with IDX Broker

1. Use Custom Subdomains

The first way to distinguish your site within the rankings is by using a custom subdomain. Not only will your IDX Broker pages be indexed as part of your root domain, but you can also add keywords to emphasize your niche or popular search phrases.

For example, “” targets the keyword ‘homes’ which then gets added to each of your IDX Broker pages. These unique URL strings are indexable by search engines. Sidebar and footer areas are picked up by the IDX Broker wrapper and get indexed along with the IDX Broker pages through the custom subdomain.

2. Create Saved Links

Target niche searches by creating saved links. These can be setup to create niche searches with further customizable dynamic SEO settings for each link. Long tail URLs, title tags, meta descriptions and keywords are available for you to customize.

These saved links can further be customized with custom sub headers. Add text, images, and HTML above the results of a saved link to add indexable content that is relevant to the results. Not only will visitors see your expertise, but search engines will read your subheader making your results more unique.

3. Enhance Your Details

Details pages can also benefit from customization. Your details pages have customizable subheader and SEO settings. Add the address to the URL string, include a call to action in the subheader, or even add a wrapper just for the details pages.

Set your site apart from the rest in the eyes of your visitors and the eyes of search engine crawlers.

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