The beginning of a new year invites us to take a deeper look into certain aspects of our lives – family, finances, health, and career, among other things. I’ve been thinking about ways to solidify my brand, both in my professional and personal life. Some of the lessons I’ve learned also apply to real estate. Here are some basic branding rules a real estate professional can use to differentiate their business from all the rest.

web branding for real estate agents teams and offices

Your Site is Your Brand

Working in the real estate technology world, I talk with Realtors and brokers about their websites every day. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed in the modern real estate world, is how important it is to have a crystal clear brand. The Internet, along with the growing use of mobile devices, has made it easier and faster than ever for potential leads to find you, and more importantly, get a first impression of your brand.

We all know the value of that first impression. With Realtors, more so than other professions, this first impression is critical. It can mean the difference between a client for life, and the stream of referrals that follow, or the loss of that business to a competing agent.

Authenticity Rules

If there was ever a relationship that required true authenticity, it would be that of Realtor and buyer/seller. In order to establish that trust, your clients must be able to verify your authenticity. This isn’t something that can be fabricated, and it’s a direct reflection on your brand.

A great example is that of Jack Elkins. Jack has lived in the Palm Beach, Florida area for over 26 years, and he’s an expert on luxury waterfront living in the area. Buying and selling million-dollar-plus real estate in the Palm Beaches isn’t just Jack’s specialty, it’s his brand, and this authenticity can be found in every aspect of his business.

Serve Your Niche with Honesty

It seems like a new niche or specialty pops up every day. If you’re in need of a branding update, one of these might be something to focus your energy on. Authenticity still triumphs in this matter. It’s natural for things to evolve, but you can’t fake integrity. Being honest about the brand you’re building holds the highest value and always leads to a genuine first impression. Making a list of the things you’re passionate about, or areas in your practice you’ve had success is a great place to start.

Now, more than ever, is the time to differentiate you and your business from the competition. In the era of huge syndication sites, and big industry mergers, brand authenticity shines brighter than ever!  Buyers and sellers are desperately searching for trust – and Realtors to build a relationship with. With a solidified brand, an authentic online presence, and website that ties into your marketing plan, your next lead could be your best yet!