SEO Strategies to Get Visitors to your Real Estate Pages

To rank high on search engines and drive traffic to your real estate business, you need unique page content, titles, and URLs. We’d like you help you with SEO strategies to get more visitors to your real estate pages.


Perfect ranking on search engines is the holy grail of the Internet. Being the first website on a search gives you Internet immortality…until it changes. There are lots of tips and tricks to stay on top. It seems as though everyone has a secret map leading to glory. The truth is the target is constantly changing and for each viable tip there are a half dozen outdated or over-stated tricks. Even so, IDX Broker strives to help your real estate business compete on the electronic marketplace and get the most visitors to your site.

SEO Strategies to Get Visitors to your Real Estate Pages

Title and meta tags tell visitors and search engines more about each individual IDX search page or the standard results page. There are several benefits to adding dynamic URLs, title, and meta tags to your IDX Broker pages:

  • Less duplicate content provided to search engines. Search engines are more likely to crawl sites that offer unique web pages. If title and meta tags for IDX pages are all alike, the search engines will be less likely to crawl each page link.
  • More accurate descriptive text for pages that are indexed with search engines. In Google results, the meta description tag provides about 160 characters of descriptive page text. If this text contains more information about your area and business on the page, the visitor may be more likely to click through the browser search result.

IDX Broker sets some of these by default, but you can always customize these to fit your market or niche.

To learn how to enable these settings for your IDX Broker pages, view this article.

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