From complete control, to round robin, to automated selection based on neighborhood or price criteria, IDX Broker has many solutions to help you with routing leads to your team.

A properly setup real estate website provides inbound leads. As part of a team or office, keeping track of those leads – and assigning them to the appropriate agents – can be challenging.

IDX Broker provides a variety of methods for distributing leads to your agents, depending on your needs.

Route all your leads to your office

For complete control of all leads, have them routed to your office. They’ll come to you as raw data. Then, you can decide to route them to the appropriate person in your office.

This is a great option because you have full control. The tradeoff is that it can be time-consuming to sort and distribute all that lead capture data.

Round robin

Round robin fashion is easily the fairest and simplest way to distribute leads within your office. Leads are distributed amongst agents in your roster list as they come in.

This method ensures your agents get equal lead acquisition opportunities.

Agent-specific, based on area

Agents often have special expertise working within certain neighborhoods. This can be particularly true if your office happens to be in a large metropolitan area, or if you cover neighboring cities.

When users register on your site, ask them which neighborhood or area they’re looking into. Next, set IDX Broker to route those leads to specific agents based on those considerations.

Agent-specific based on price

Dealing with higher-priced homes can be tricky. If you have agents in your office specializing within certain price ranges, this might be the easiest way for you to go about distributing their leads.

Make sure to ask users about their price range when they register on your site.

Direct to an agent based on saved links

IDX Broker enables you to display saved links on pages you create. These are known as saved search results. This means your site can deliver very narrow, very relevant, results. These results are based on whatever search parameters you set.

There are no limits on this feature, so you can set up as many saved links as you want.

Customer inquiries made on each of these individual pages can be routed directly to specific agents.

These lead routing features are available through IDX Broker Team or Office packages. For a more in depth look at how to configure your settings, take a look at this webinar walkthrough. or contact us directly by email or phone 1-800-421-9668