Already using our WordPress plugin on your real estate site? Get ready to IMPress. We’ve changed the name of our plugin and added new features. We’re proud to announce this plugin as the head of the new IMPress family of WordPress plugins for real estate professionals.

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IDX WordPress Plugin Renamed IMPress for IDX Broker

Our popular WordPress plugin has a new name – and plenty  of new features!

That’s right, our IDX plugin for WordPress is now called IMPress for IDX Broker (formerly IDX Broker).

Get all the latest features and improvements as part of this free, standard update to our existing plugin.

Download the IMPress for IDX Broker WordPress Plugin

New Features and Enhancements

This update is filled with useful features that connect with your active IDX Broker account.

A completely overhauled user experience and powerful new features make this plugin easier to use than ever before.

Now you can manage the display of information in your IDX Broker account more conveniently from the dashboard on your IDX-enabled WordPress site.

When paired with the IMPress Listings plugin from Agent Evolution, you can automatically import your listings from IDX Broker.

Added Widgets and Shortcodes

Our latest update contains new features and enhancements that improve the user experience and make it easier to add your IDX widgets.

“We’ve released new, modern widgets – lead login, signup, city links, showcase, and carousel – with this update. We’ve also included shortcodes previously only available with Equity. Enjoy greater freedom with even more customization options, and an improved user experience overall.” – Daniel Shepard, Developer.

Five new widgets and shortcodes have been added, including –

  1. Lead login widget
  2. Signup widgets
  3. City links widget
  4. Showcase widgets
  5. Carousel widgets

Setup your site to impress your visitors.

Employ these new widgets and provide home seekers with the information they need.

Customize and Style Your Widgets

Not only have we included new widgets, you can style them in the theme to look better on your site.

That’s right, your IDX widgets are more customizable than ever before.

Adjust the look and feel of your widgets for seamless integration into your site.

Customize your Omni-Search Bar

Along with this update you’ll have more options when it comes to customizing your omni-search bar.

Explore your options to see what settings work best for you.

Take advantage of these new widgets and customize your omni-search bar to provide a more modern, user-friendly homepage.

For all the details around what’s included in this plugin update, please review the changelog below.

IMPress for IDX Broker

= 2.0 =

* The IDX Broker plugin has been renamed as the IMPress for IDX Broker plugin.
* Five new WordPress native IMPress widgets and shortcodes have been added to the plugin: lead login and signup widgets, a city links widget, and showcase and carousel widgets have been added. Take advantage of these new widgets to deliver the best experience for your website visitors.
* Each of these widgets has customization options right within WordPress including the ability to disable styling. Designers can use this to gain more control of the appearance of these widgets.
* IDX Pages can now have excerpts and thumbnails applied through the new IDX Pages link in the admin menu.
* Included several Customization Options for the Omnibar.
* The IDX Shortcode UI has been modified to have a better UX.
* The WordPress Help button is now available for learning about the plugin features.
* Lite accounts will have an Upgrade Account link available for easy upgrading to Platinum.
* Plugin links have been added to the admin bar at the top giving easy access to common pages for admins.
* Added composer, npm, and gulp support.

Download the IMPress for IDX Broker WordPress Plugin

The IMPress Family of WordPress Plugins

IMPRess for IDX Broker heads up the IMPress family of WordPress plugins for real estate – IMPress for IDX Broker + IMPress Listings + IMPress Agents (coming soon).

These tools are most powerful when used together, and are designed to save real estate agents time and effort when used in combination. Employ them on your site and style them to impress your visitors.

1. IMPress for IDX Broker – IDX plugin for WordPress that integrates with your active IDX Broker account.
2. IMPress Listings – Import listings from your IDX Broker account without all the data entry.
3. IMPress Agents – Coming soon… Showcase your agents like never before.

github-icon-1024-blackAre you an IDX Broker Developer Partner interested in contributing to IMpress? View on Github.