Keeping fresh and interesting content on your real estate site (and homepage) encourages your visitors to return for more. People like to see new content that’s helpful and relevant. So, use these 3 simple widgets in IDX Broker to keep your content fresh.

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Content is King

You’ve heard it before – content is king. People seek pages filled with rich content and items they find useful and interesting.

You want more than a static homepage with contact info and a short blurb about you.

You want fresh, relevant content to drive traffic to your site and help you sell properties.

It’s Your Content, Keep It Fresh

Content is king, but it has to be kept fresh! You may love bananas, but would you buy them if they’re rotten? No, you want what’s fresh.

Content works that way, too. Keep it fresh, make sure it’s relevant, change it up – and often.

Don’t let your content go stale. Writing new content can seem exhausting at first, but IDX Broker can help!

Fresh Content with IDX Broker Widgets

New properties go on the market every day. MLS feeds are constantly updated with new information. IDX Broker keeps the feed data fresh, so our widgets are always ready to go.

Display fresh content on your homepage with these IDX Broker widgets.

1. Property Showcase Widget

This widget displays a grid of properties. Choose your criteria and pull in a grid of updated listings. Copy and paste it into any page of your website (or right on your homepage) to give visitors a quick view of what’s on the market.

2. Property Slideshow Widget

This tool displays a photo slideshow of listings. Slideshows don’t take up much space, and they pack a punch. These rotating properties give visitors constantly updating properties. Copy and paste it into any page of your website.

3. Property Carousel Widget

Display a row of properties with this widget. Visitors can scroll through this elegant solution and explore at their own rate.

Fresh content keeps your visitors returning, and you don’t have to do it all on your own. Let us help you keep it fresh. Incorporate fresh content with widgets from IDX Broker. To learn more, check out one of our widget articles.