Do you want great ads that send traffic to all your open houses this weekend? Or do you want focused geographic ads for the latest listings in a specific neighborhood?  Do all these and more with some clever saved links in IDX Broker. Plan out targeted advertising campaigns and then build Facebook ads with IDX Broker to increase focused traffic to your site.

facebook ads with IDX Broker

We all know that Facebook is a monster social platform and, according to Zephoria,  over 1.1 billion people log in daily. Even with all this traffic, simple, organic Facebook posts probably aren’t going to get the traction that you desire. This is where you need to dip into your marketing budget and pay for a little focused advertising. The key here is focus. Don’t just throw money at Facebook and expect good results. The only guaranteed result that comes from little or no planning is a depleting bank account.

Discover Your Niche Market

Do you want to reach folks in a specific region? Are you focused on young families looking to purchase their first home? Do want to reach eccentric millionaires who eat canned heirloom tomatoes and read Keats? Whatever your market, you can use targeted ads in Facebook to decrease costs and increase your return on investment. If you cast a wide net, but half of these people aren’t in the market for homes, you’ve already wasted money on them. If three quarters of those that are in the market are looking for condos and your niche is commercial, you’re left with a small return. It is much more beneficial to get 100 interested people to see your ad than 5,000 people who will never buy your property. Segment the market so that those that see your ad are more likely to click through to your website.

Pair Wisely

So, you’ve designed an eye-catching ad that is a thing of beauty and joy forever and targeted people who definitely want to buy real estate from you. As soon as that millionaire washes the metallic tomato down with champagne, she’s going to click your link and give you all her money. Don’t lose the sale by sending her to a page that doesn’t have the content that she is seeking. This is where IDX Broker comes in.pair wisely

Targeted ads are great, but you should pair these with appropriate links. You wouldn’t serve salmon with a milkshake, and neither should you send a lead looking for a high-end condo to search through a list of properties for short-sale single family homes. Saved links are predefined search result pages. Create these in IDX Broker with specific, targeted criteria. By using advanced search fields from your MLS, you can create a link for a specific subdivision or property feature. If your target is wealthy individuals, then create a link that only pulls properties in upper class areas that are over a million dollars. This prevents lost or frustrated leads and proves that you know your niche well.

Facebook Ads with IDX Broker

Saved links in IDX Broker give you a set link that contains dynamic content. Learn how to create these by visiting our Knowledgebase article on Saved Links. With these links created, you can use them in ad campaigns and have content updated regularly. You can use the same link and serve up fresh content to your target market. With all the money that you’ve saved and additional clients you’ve picked up with targeted marketing, perhaps you too can build a winter cabin in Patagonia to store all your canned fruit.