IDX continues to push forward. We’re making our IMPress plugin suite for WordPress ever better. We’ve squashed a few bugs, added functionality, and improved other aspects of the IMPress for IDX Broker plugin. Read some of the highlights here and update your world.


IMPress for IDX Broker Plugin Updates

Cleaner Post Headers

When you create a post for use in a wrapper, it takes on the identity of a post.

This includes the date and page title above the main body of the webpage.

By default, the IDX Broker plugin now eliminates this content to give you a cleaner page and help your visitors focus on results.

Wrapper Creation Shortcode

Creating dynamic wrappers is even easier.

We’ve made a shortcode for that. If you want to use a specific page as a wrapper template, simply drop the shortcode

[idx-wrapper-tags] into the content of that page.

The plugin will translate the standard div tags required for IDX to use this style as a wrapper.

Using a page is an alternative to using the automatic post from the plugin.

Minimum Price Field Added to Omnibar Widget

The omnibar search tool now has ‘Minimum Price’ included in the additional field options.

Your visitors will enjoy an improved search experience and can narrow results by setting a minimum price within an Omnibar search.

IMPress for IDX Dashboard WidgetwpDashstats

Possibly the most obvious addition to the plugin is a suite of tools that are now available on your WordPress home screen.

Once you’ve updated, you’ll notice the new analytic tools.

Use this information to measure your leads and popular listings.

Track these metrics on a daily or weekly basis to monitor your traffic and market your listing more efficiently.

Edit Post to Apply Wrapper

Using custom page and category wrappers is now easier than ever.

While editing the post simply select a page to apply this as a wrapper from the drop-down menu.

If you want more info on this update, check out the full release notes.

Release notes:

= 2.1.0 =
* Adds Min Price option for the IMPress Omnibar Widget and Shortcode.
* IMPress Showcase and Carousels now use the address for the image title attribute for better SEO.
* The Omnibar main input has been updated for better accessibility with screen readers.
* A Shortcode has been added to make regular WP pages a wrapper for incompatible plugins.
* A bug has been fixed where the Omnibar was not updating properly from the Omnibar Settings page.
* The Omnibar Settings page has been updated for a better UX.
* A wrapper can now be applied to a specific IDX Page when editing IDX Pages.
* Wrappers are now more compatible with other plugins.
* Wrapper styling has been updated to hide common irrelevant meta data from IDX pages.
* A new Dashboard widget has been added for a convenient overview of Leads and Listings.
* Fixed an issue where IDX pages were not imported at all and caused slow downs on slower servers.

The updated IMPress for IDX Broker plugin is full of improved functionality. There is a new WordPress Dashboard widget for a convenient overview of Leads and Listings, better SEO and accessibility for IMPress widgets. A minimum price option and better design for the Omnibar settings have been applied. The user experience is also better for applying wrappers. And that’s not even counting all the bugs that were fixed.