5 IDX Broker Knowledge Base Articles to Know and Love

IDX Broker’s Knowledge Base contains an incredible amount of information. Every article is geared toward supporting and empowering our clients. To become more comfortable with the wide range of features our IDX solutions offer, check out these five outstanding articles to know and love.

1. Steps for Migrating to Platinum

If you’re an existing IDX Broker Original customer who wants to upgrade to unlock all the features in Platinum, simply follow the steps outlined in this article.

2. Setting Up a Custom Subdomain

If subdomains seem confusing, this article can help. Learn how to customize your site by setting up a custom subdomain to gain SEO benefits.

3. IDX Broker Platinum WordPress Plugin

Discover how to add page links and integrate widgets into your layout. Get familiar with the  IDX Broker Platinum WordPress plugin and start introducing new features directly into your WordPress-based real estate site.

4. Advanced Search Fields & Layout

Empower your visitors. Give them the ability to search with fields added directly from your MLS. Enable specific search criteria to help them select and find specific kinds of properties with  IDX Broker’s advanced search features.

5. Saved Links – Creation

Learn how to  setup saved links in IDX Broker to create predefined searches. Save those custom searches and use them on your map search, polygon search, or your customizable search results pages.

Learn more about IDX Broker Platinum, our Sales Team is ready to to help answer your questions. Reach them by calling: (800) 421-9668

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