“What type of website should I choose?” A real estate agent or broker looking to acquire a website is faced with many questions. Here are the top 3 reasons to buy a WordPress theme from an IDX Broker Developer Partner instead of using a free one.

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WordPress Themes for Real Estate

Choosing a platform for your new real estate website really comes down to personal preference. You could roll the dice and try to find a free theme that fits all of your needs as a real estate agent, or you could find a developer who specializes in real estate specific themes. Here’s why we recommend this approach, and why paying for a theme makes sense.

1. WordPress Sites Need Updates and Support

Many people use free WordPress themes, and that’s fine – until there’s a problem! It’s usually right at that moment people realize the main benefit you get when buying your theme from a reputable vendor – access to support and updates.

Imagine investing your time and other valuable resources developing a website, only to find out later there’s a problem somewhere in the code. A problem that requires a professional to fix. Hopefully you’ll have discovered this before you’re too far along in site development. Often, that’s not the case.

Also, as time goes by and technology changes, websites need periodical updates to make sure everything keeps working correctly. With a free theme, it’s possible that nobody updates them to keep them working. IDX Broker has partnered up with quite a few companies that develop websites. They build them, support them, and can integrate MLS listings with IDX Broker Platinum or Lite.

2. Real Estate Specific WordPress Themes

For an e-commerce site, you’d be looking for a different layout than you would for selling real estate. With real estate specific WordPress themes you get a look and a layout that makes sense to visitors searching for a property.

Buying a theme from an IDX Broker Developer Partner means you’re getting the benefit of buying a theme built with selling real estate as the main focus. In some cases, like with Agent Evolution, you can get a real estate specific theme optimized for use with IDX Broker.

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Must See theme by Agent Evolution

Having a real estate focused WordPress theme makes integrating our widgets and pages into your site much easier. It also helps make sure everything is displayed correctly.

3. Dedicated Developer Partners

When you choose to buy a WordPress theme through an IDX Broker Developer Partner, you’ll get fast turnaround and dedicated attention. Get a fully functional real estate website with a live MLS data feed integrated into your site. (Please keep in mind that even if a Developer Partner sets up your website quickly, the MLS approval process may take longer, so keep up on the paperwork.)

Your dedicated Developer Partner will install all the proper plugins, test your widgets, and make sure everything works correctly before handing it over to you. Each one offers different services, so we encourage you to find a Developer Partner here and contact them for additional information.