There is a lot of static and distraction in the world today. It can pull us away from the things that are actually important in life. My hope is that this curated content can focus you on a few of the best articles this week and allow you to spend the rest of your weekend on the things that matter most.

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Focus on What Matters

Distractions abound in the information age. Many diversions waste our time and interfere with the important things in life. As a husband and father, I find myself listening with only half attention to stories that my sons tell me or the day-to-day business from my wife. There are so many things vying for my attention that I catch myself nodding and encouraging them on with ‘uh huh’ and ‘okay’ without really grasping the content of the interaction. I may not be overly invested in learning the regions where each Pokemon habitates or the authentic materials to create an Edwardian dress. Nevertheless, it’s important enough for my family to share with me and I need to be more diligent in listening.

Please join me in paring down the distractions to focus on what matters. I hope that this list of articles provides you good focused content to absorb and then move on to other important matters.

If I’m off the mark, please share your best posts. Send us more articles that we may have missed, by reaching out to us on Twitter.