Weekly Reading List – Don’t Be Fooled

Authenticity is important in communication. If there is no trust, people will seek out other sources. This is especially true of real estate agents. Earn the trust of your potential clients by being authentic and knowledgeable. Don’t be fooled with link bait. Here are some great posts to help your business.

don't be fooled

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I attended a 50s themed party that included a soda shop built just for the event and everyone came dressed for the time period. There were a lot of greasers and you couldn’t throw a record without hitting a poodle skirt. The person in charge of the music, though, was a little looser with the time period. Mixed in with The Platters and Elvis were hits from the musical, “Grease”, and even modern singles from Meghan Trainor. Despite her defense that Trainor has a “50s feel”, many of the party goers felt that it was out of place and detracted from the authenticity of the party.

I hope that you have a blast with these posts and that they are authentic and help you grow your business. Of course, we don’t quite have it made in the shade. Send us more articles that we may have missed, by reaching out to us on Twitter.

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