Neighborhood walkability is an increasingly important factor in many home buyers’ purchase decisions. Walk Score® integration with IDX Broker allows you to showcase the walkability factor for your property listings with ease – read on to learn more.

Walkability Score Washington DC

What is Walk Score®?

Walk Score® is on a mission to promote walkable neighborhoods. Walkable neighborhoods are one of the most simple and best solutions for the environment, our health and our economy. Walkability means being near the people and places you love. It’s about great neighborhoods and having a variety of transportation choices for getting around your area.

What information does Walk Score® provide?

Walk Score® takes data available for any area, and produces a number score between 0 and 100 based on the nearby resources, features and attractions.  With Walk Score® you can provide information about neighborhood restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, schools, parks, and more. You can also provide your customers with a commute report so they can see options for getting around by car, bus, bike, and foot. They even provide photos and Google Street view maps of the area to show what’s available within a 15 minute walk.

Why do I need Walk Score®?

Showcasing all this information helps you stand out as a knowledgeable real estate professional for the areas around you that you’d like to represent. By offering this information to your customers, you stand out. Having some of the most detailed information available about the area for any listing within your MLS means you’re adding value to your site.

A Walk Score® Premium Plan (usually starting at $50 a month) comes free with IDX Broker Lite and Platinum accounts. This tool is available right in your dashboard and enabling it is easy. Feel free to call if you’d like some help getting set up. Showcase yourself and your business as knowledgeable professionals within the neighborhoods and communities you would like to represent using Walk Score® data.

Find out more about WalkScore in our Knowledgebase.