Tutorial Tuesday – Create Supplemental Pocket Listings

Not all of the listings that you want to showcase on your website will be available from the MLS. IDX Broker recognizes this and allows you to create supplemental pocket listings right from the IDX control panel. This video shows you how to add your own listings in IDX.

Create Supplemental Pocket Listings

IDX Broker allows you to add listings on your site that you can’t get from the MLS. These might be properties that you don’t want to share with the entire market or these could even be historical properties that you sold in the past. Whatever the reason, now you can follow this quick tip to put these on your site as supplemental listings.

Check out our Tutorial Tuesday series every week for more quick tip videos. If you have any ideas for videos, share them with us on Twitter or add a comment below. If you need additional support, please reach out to our Support Team at help@idxbroker.com.

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