Web trends change quickly. This is especially true for websites. It’s always a good idea to step back and review your online presence, maintain your marketing tools and keep them up to date. If your site is feeling a little dated, now is the perfect time to ask yourself a few questions to find out if it’s time to update your website.


update your real estate website


How does it handle mobile traffic?

Much of your website traffic comes from mobile devices. Whether it’s through social shares, native apps, or organically from searches conducted on mobile browsers. Does your website know the difference between a desktop user and a mobile user? Does it handle the experience differently to retain the ease of use required by someone accessing your site with a mobile device?


Are you asking someone to download a native phone app?

Asking visitors to find, download, and wait to use yet another native app creates a long stretch of time where this interested lead can’t actually search for any properties. Shortening the gap of time between a lead signing up and searching for property details is critical. This can be a key factor for any lead deciding what site they’ll use to search for properties.

Apps are great at providing functionality that today’s mobile browsers still can’t handle. With new data speeds and smarter browsers, this is becoming less of an issue. The mobile experience is all about instant gratification – not waiting for downloads before can start searching. Having a mobile first experience on your site is a must.


How featured are your properties?

Are your visitors to your homepage greeted by your featured properties? If your homepage isn’t offering direct access to properties, are they a single click away? Every additional click puts more distance between the visitor and properties. Make sure you have featured properties right on your homepage.


Does your site offer the latest in web technologies?

Great content, stunning imagery, and intuitive search forms are key components of any website with IDX search. Today’s searchers are looking for a deeper kind of interaction. The ability to draw an area on a map is almost expected these days. Social sharing is even more expected. Integrating these technologies on your site keeps users engaged and allows them to promote you by sharing your content. Sites lacking newer technology feel outdated, so you’ll want to include these things on your site.


If you already have IDX Broker, you may already know about our Mobile First Templates, Saved Links, Polygon Searches, and Featured Listings Widgets. If you don’t already have IDX Broker you might be wondering about these features. Talk to your web developer or give IDX Broker a call to discuss how you can implement these and update your website!