There are more than a few ways to go about deciding on the best lead capture strategy for your business. Trial and error works. So does hiring a company specializing in marketing strategies. If you have an IDX Broker account, you can customize your lead capture settings right from the dashboard. Here are a few strategies you can explore to see what’s most effective for your real estate business.

idx broker real estate search and lead capture

Determine Your Approach

Your IDX Broker account is a robust tool for capturing and managing leads. You can either force or request potential clients to register on your site before they view your content. The million dollar question is, “How do I set this up most effectively, or how aggressive should I be to increase my volume of leads?” The short answer is – there is no definitive answer.

Cater to Your Audience

Clients in Manhattan may react differently to forced lead registration than clients in Omaha. The key to success is truly knowing your audience and what they’re comfortable with.

Try gauging your potential customer’s preferences by visiting forums they frequent, reading reviews and examining testimonials. Reach out to other successful agents and brokers in your area, and see if they would be willing to share some insights.

Force or Request Registration

With forced registration, visitors to your site must enter their information to continue viewing MLS listings. This is a more aggressive strategy that may turn some people off. Be prepared for that.

With requested registration it’s simply optional. You can setup your site to have a customizable pop-up screen that delivers an appropriate message to prompt your potential client to enter their information. Here’s our Knowledgebase article on adjusting lead registration settings on your IDX pages

Give Something to Get Something

You can provide unlimited access to certain pages while restricting others. The ability to apply these settings on a page level basis (rather than globally) is one of the features that makes IDX Broker’s lead management system unique. You can allow potential clients to look at anything on your site, but force or request lead registration once they try to access certain predetermined pages.

This is an effective strategy for capturing leads. It gives your visitors a sense of comfort while using your site. You give them information, they give you contact information and data on how they use your site.

Remember, these are all adjustable settings within your IDX Broker dashboard. Setup some reporting metrics and keep an eye on your conversions. Experiment with different approaches, then take a look at the data. There’s no right answer, just go with what works best for your business.