Oregon is a naturally beautiful place IDX is pleased to call home. We love the area so much that we are committed to using less energy in the workplace and encouraging ecofriendly transportation. We’ve been honored by Oregon Business magazine as one of the 100 Best Green workplaces in Oregon for 2016.greenOR

IDX Broker Among the Top Green Workplaces In Oregon

At IDX, we’re proud to live in a beautiful area. That’s why we strive to do our part to keep it pristine. We are honored to be recognized for our efforts by Oregon Business magazine.

The awards are given based on employee feedback, making it all the more meaningful. Here are some of the ways that we’ve been keeping it green (in more than just our logo).

What’s Old is New

When IDX grew larger and needed a new headquarters, we didn’t build one – we renovated a classic building in downtown Eugene. In the process of planning and preparing the new space for our staff to move in, owners made sure to increase the energy efficiency, including opening up the office to allow natural lighting to illuminate the entire office.

Additional lighting is low energy consumption LED lights, further decreasing our carbon footprint.

To keep our muddy footprints down as well, we use a cleaning service that uses Earth-safe, green cleaning products.

Peddling Bikes

Speaking of footprints, IDX encourages all modes of transportation. Employees are granted city bus passes and we have convenient bike storage right in our entryway.  We’ve created a game to incentivize those who choose to walk, bike, or bus to work.bikes

For those who don’t bring their own bike each day, we have company bicycles on hand to lend employees for lunch breaks, errands, or just biking around town.

Conservation is Not 9-5

We don’t leave our green efforts at the workplace. We are proud to team up with McKenzie River Trust to support local conservation. Part of the incentives to not drive to work is a donation to this group.


Earlier this year we exceeded expectations for a fundraiser with other tech companies in this area to keep MRT growing. We also work on projects like planting trees to make sure that future generations can enjoy the same nature.

We’re Not Done

We also encourage recycling and partner with local conservation efforts, like McKenzie River Trust. But we aren’t sitting still. In addition to biking and hiking and running all over the countryside, we are also always looking for ways to increase our environmental efforts and decrease waste. We are humbled to be in this group of green workplaces and are working toward being on this list for years to come.