IDX has added another 25 new MLS/IDX feeds to our nationwide coverage. If you’re looking to show your local MLS listings on your website, we can help! 

25 New MLS/IDX Feeds Added to IDX Broker

IDX has you covered. With over 600 MLS feeds supported, we’ve got the MLS/IDX feed you need. With your IDX feed, your featured listings will remain up-to-date, automatically. If you don’t have any featured listings, use IDX Broker’s powerful features to set up some custom searches. Create custom saved links and promote listings in local neighborhoods and popular areas you serve.

25 New MLS/IDX Feeds Added to IDX Broker Coverage

  1. Northwest Wyoming MLS (NWBOR)
  2. Jamestown Board of Realtors (JBOR)
  3. Martha’s Vineyard MLS (MVMLS)
  4. Sullivan BOR RETS (SCMLS-RETS)
  5. Richmond County MLS (RICHCO)
  6. Longview Area MLS (LGVBOARD)
  7. Siskiyou MLS (SMLS)
  8. Westcliffe MLS (WMLS)
  9. Central Colorado MLS (CCMLS)
  10. Kanawha Valley MLS (KVBR)
  11. Des Moines MLS (DMMLS)
  12. Consolidated SC MLS (COLAMLS)
  13. Duncan AOR (DAOR)
  14. South Padre Island MLS (SPIMLS)
  15. Beaufort MLS (BEMLS)
  16. Lee County MLS RETS (LCMLS)
  17. Northern Jackson Board of Realtors (NJBOR)
  18. Cedar Rapids MLS (CDRMLS)
  19. Dayton MLS Commercial (DTON)
  20. Mid-Kansas MLS (MKMLS)
  21. Byan-College Station MLS (BCSMLS)
  22. Dublin MLS (DUBMLS)
  23. Calhoun County MLS (CCMLS) IDX
  24. Dothan MLS (Dothan)
  25. Greenwood MLS (RETS)

MLS Lead Coodinator Kathryn Frost at IDX had this to say, “Our system covers most, if not all, of the larger areas around the country. But assessing the needs of our clients in smaller areas is just as important. That’s why we continue expanding coverage for every agent who needs it. We provide up-to-date listings for every data set, no matter the size. Here in the MLS department, Hannah and I work closely with each agent to ensure coverage because each client is equally important to us.”

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