Tutorial Tuesday – Focus on Featured Listings with IDX Broker

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday. Not only does it sound cool, but this ongoing series of IDX Broker protips will give you the tools you need to become an IDX superstar.

IDX Broker Featured Listings Tutorial

Focus on featured listings. The term ‘featured listings’ means more than just some cool properties you want to show off on your site.

Within IDX Broker, the term has a specific meaning. Learn more about featured listings and how to set them up in this quick tutorial.

What are Featured Listings in IDX Broker?

Featured listings are properties in your MLS listings associated with your agent ID.

These are properties in the MLS that indicate you as the listing agent.

Single-Agent IDX Broker accounts have one agent whose listings are featured.

Team and Office IDX Broker accounts can be upgraded to accommodate as many agents as you’d like to feature.

We want to give you the tools you need to become an even more successful real estate professional.

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