New Facebook Marketplace for Real Estate

Facebook is currently rolling out Facebook Marketplace, allowing customers to buy items right from their mobile devices. This offering is only available in select countries, including US, UK, Australia and New Zealand with more planned. One of the categories under Classifieds is Housing. Currently for the iOS and Android mobile application, this only competes directly with online posting services like Craigslist. Here is a screenshot of Facebook Marketplace for real estate search on Android:

facebook marketplace

Adding an item, such as a property, involves taking a photo from your mobile device, or adding it from your camera roll. Then enter a name, description, and price. Finally confirm your location and select the category.
facebook locationFacebook users will find the marketplace in the app navigation, next to the friend requests and notifications icons we are all used to.

Housing seekers can change their location via a map in the Facebook application.

Once posted, buyers in your area will be able to find your listing via the mobile application. Offers can even be made right from within Facebook.

Currently, there is no way to auto push listings to Facebook Marketplace. No API or syndication service exists as of yet. With Facebook’s reputation of leading the way for developers, this is something we will be watching closely.

Posting listings online isn’t something groundbreaking, but if Facebook is a part of your marketing, early adoption could put your listings out ahead of the competition. Add the ability to make offers right in app and the time to offer could decrease dramatically. Marketplace is very new so most listings now are located in major cities, but given the popularity of Facebook this will likely spread soon.

Are you already using the new Marketplace yet? Or are you interested in adding this to your arsenal? Let us know in the comments below.


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