Emergency Kit Essentials for Real Estate Agents

Every real estate agent needs a good emergency kit. You can take them to showings or use their contents to prepare for an open house. Whether or not you were a scout, the phrase “be prepared” is never a bad idea. This list of emergency kit essentials is useful for new real estate agents, or any agent looking keep a useful kit at the ready. 



You don’t need to back up the truck and go full contractor, but a well balanced tool box is well advised. If nothing else, you may need a screwdriver to gain access to attic or crawl spaces, and a hammer for putting your sign up.


Even with rechargeable devices everywhere, it’s amazing how many things still require batteries. From flashlights to smoke detectors, you know their batteries always run out at the least convenient moment. Don’t chance it. Arm yourself with a range of the most common types of batteries, just in case.

Cleaning Products

Even with the best cleaning job, last minute touches are sometimes needed. Flushable cleaning wipes are ideal for remove fingerprints or touching up. Gloves and a magic eraser can also come in handy.

Measuring Tape

Even though listings often have measurements, it’s no substitute for testing it yourself. Keep a measuring tape handy for taking room measurements and making sure Aunt Betty’s antique rocker really will fit in the spare room, or checking to see if the new TV will fit on the wall.


You definitely don’t want to miss an important call because your phone died. On a long day of calls, taking photos, or live streaming, you can easily wear that battery down. Keep an extra charging cable on hand to keep your phone or tablet running.

Healthy Snack

Your electronics aren’t the only things that may need a recharge. Sometimes you need one, too. Keep a simple snack in your kit just in case you get too busy to grab a bite to eat.

Shoe covers

Shoe covers might seem trivial. But they let people know you actually care about the property. It also makes the property seem more exclusive. You already put in a lot of effort to clean up the property, don’t waste all that energy after a day of showings.

Bathroom Essentials

Assume visitors may need to use the facilities while they’re there. If there’s a working bathroom, bring a plunger and some extra toilet paper. If not, place a sign on the toilet describing the plumbing situation.

Light Bulbs

It’s impossible to show a room or take photos without light. Even if you know the light fixtures are fully functional, an extra bulb or three can’t hurt if one goes out. It looks bad when a potential buyer goes to turn on a light and nothing happens.

We know that there are a lot of other items that you might want in your kit. We could go on and on, but then…we’re gonna need a bigger boat. Or car, or some kind of large municipal vehicle to carry all your stuff. This list is a good start on an emergency list. If you have any other suggestions that have saved your bacon, please share them in the comments.


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