There are a lot of times when DIY can be fun, save you money and become a source of pride. But sometimes you just can’t do it yourself and you need the right tools. This is especially true when building a website to be the face of your real estate business. Here are some things to think about when deciding to build a real estate website. Should you build a DIY website? Do you have time, the expertise and does it even make financial sense?

DIY Website

I enjoy DIY projects and consider myself a bit of a MacGyver. I’m reminded of a recent wedding where one of the bridesmaids had a ‘wardrobe malfunction’. It was a strapless dress and simply would not stay up. I thought it really clever to use a paperclip to cinch the back of her dress tighter and, indeed, this seemed to work for a short while. Ultimately the paperclip and subsequent binder clip failed to provide the necessary support. This was a task for a professional. I stepped aside and let my wife, the seamstress, fix it properly. In short order straps were affixed to the dress and everything worked as expected.

This story illustrates what happens to us in other aspects of our lives. Sometimes we just need to use the right tool in the hands of a professional. Here are some questions to ask before you embark on that DIY website.

Do you have time?

You are busy with your primary job as a real estate professional. Showing houses, following up with clients and looking over paperwork takes a lot of time. Remember, anytime that you take on additional tasks you are taking away from what should be your primary focus. What is worse, you may not get it done in time, or you may miss another important deadline.

Do you have the expertise?

There is a lot that goes into making a great website. Despite the ads that you may see on the Internet, good websites are not simply drag and drop, especially when integrated IDX is concerned. You may be great at negotiating deals or finding the perfect location, but if you don’t know some HTML or CSS styling, you may want a professional on your side to make sure that your vision turns into a functional website.

Is it cost effective?

When I take on new tasks, I often consider whether I’m actually saving money. Think about how much your time is worth. Now think about the amount of time that you are likely to put into this endeavor. Do the costs make sense? If you figure that your time is worth, say $50 an hour and setting up your site may take you 20 hours. That’s $1000 for a DIY site that you’ve managed to cobble together. It may be more cost effective to have a developer set up your site and leave you free to pursue other clients.


Hobbies are great and learning new skills is what keeps us young and active. When it comes to your business, stick with your strengths and farm out to professionals when necessary. In the long run you may not save any money by building your own site. When you are trying not to embarrass yourself, sometimes a paperclip just won’t keep it together. Consider what is at stake and call in a professional with the proper tools to get the job done right. Fortunately we have the tools with IDX Broker to create a state of the art MLS search on your site and the professional developer partners to set your site up properly. Find one with our interactive developer partner search. Give them a call and get your site done right the first time.