Email is the ideal communication tool for most businesses. Immediate, personal, and to the point – it’s no wonder email has remained relevant through the years. Even with all the technology changes we’ve seen, we still rely on it. Here are 5 simple tips to make the most effective use of this 21st century telegram.

Email icon in an idx broker cloud computer graphic

1. Keep Your Emails Short and Sweet

The ideal email gets right to the point. Avoid rambling (and keep the creative writing for that novel you’ve been meaning to write). An effective email communicates one point. It communicates that point clearly.

If you’re referencing previous communication, make sure to provide context by showing earlier replies. This prevents confusion among recipients who may have lost the context or forgotten the original subject.

2. Organize Your Inbox

Email involves two-way communication. It’s important to be able to quickly find important emails from potential clients. Organize your inbox with folders so you don’t have to sort through a huge list of emails.

If you’ve addressed a request or completed a task, archive the email to get it out of the way. If it’s important, mark it that way. This adds visibility so you’re better equipped to take care of it quickly. Also, spam filters aren’t perfect. Look through your spam folder at some point during midweek to make sure that you haven’t missed any important messages.

3. Take Time to Double Check

Text messages resemble speech, but emails are still considered writing. So, while you may be able to bend grammar rules in a text, your emails are better when written professionally. Avoid abbreviations and always spell check before sending anything.

Some people may only know you by your electronic correspondence. You want to add to their trust in you, your knowledge, and what you’re doing. Before sending a really important email, or one that’s going out to many recipients, have it peer checked. Get a few people to quickly read-through, look for errors and provide you with constructive feedback.

4. Use a Professional Email Signature

Your email signature says a lot about you. It tells who you are, where you work, and how to get a hold of you across various channels. Make sure all your relevant contact information is listed in your signature. Add a link to your website or blog posts you’d like to showcase.

This is prime real estate for driving traffic to your social channels. Add those links, but always make sure your design is clean and attractive. If you use a quote, make sure that it is appropriate to your audience and double or triple check to verify it’s accurate.

5. Customize Your IDX Broker Emails

The email updates sent through IDX Broker can be customized. Set yourself apart by dialing in the appearance of email updates using a Page Wrapper and/or a Sub-Header to match your personal branding. Make those messages your own and let clients hear your voice. This Knowledgebase article shows you how to adjust these settings. Own your messaging and put your best foot forward.

Clear, effective communication is key to closing the sale and moving your business forward. Use these tips to tame your inbox and email like a rock star. Master this communication tool; keep track of all your important messages; close more deals.