Sometimes when you enter the IDX Broker dashboard, you don’t know what is lying behind each door. The unknown can be scary, but knowledge is good. Here are 5 scary good Knowledgebase articles to drive back the darkness.


1. Dynamic Header Tags for SEO

Get the attention of your visitors and search engines. In IDX Broker you can now include dynamic header information on your detail pages. Find out how to include dynamic heading tags in your detail pages in this article.

2. How IDX Broker Works

Have you ever considered the great questions? What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? Where are we going? How does IDX Broker work?

While we wish we could provide answers to each of these questions, we are best at providing knowledge of IDX Broker in this article.

3. Omnisearch Bar Widget

If you site runs on WordPress and you’re using the IDX Broker plugin, you may have noticed some recent developments.

One of the newest features is an Omnisearch Bar that allows visitors to simply start typing in a city, or postal code, or MLS ID to search for a property. For more information about this feature, visit this Knowledgebase article.

4. Global Wrapper

IDX Broker uses a Global Wrapper to match our pages to the rest of your website. Find out more about how global wrappers work in this Knowledgebase article.

5. Custom CSS for Leads

The IDX Broker lead registration settings are quite extensive. Sometimes you want to show different content for leads vs. leads that are logged in. Find out how to do that with IDX Broker’s built-in CSS functionality in this article.

With the knowledge from these articles, you’ll be equipped to succeed using IDX Broker for your real estate business. We’re here to make sure that you’re never left out in the cold.

Read these articles and shine the light on more that IDX Broker has to offer.