One of the biggest catch phrases in real estate right now is hyperlocal. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, agents are now focusing on a smaller areas. Use these four steps to become a hyperlocal expert on niche neighborhoods in your area.

hyperlocal real estate map

1. Use Your Strengths and Stake Your Claim

What are your selling strengths? Do you like working with first time home buyers? Maybe condos are your thing?

Find a market that fits your selling style. Then, find an area ready for your focus. If you sell condos, find a great community with them and stake your claim. Once you know what you’re passionate about selling, you can start to target a market that matches your strengths.

2. Sharpen your Focus Using Common Terms

For example, you’ll want to go beyond being an expert on the Pacific Northwest area. That’s too large. Go with something on a smaller scale, instead. Become the expert on a Portland neighborhood, like the Rose Quarter or North Tabor area.

Focus on a demographic and a geographic area. With so many real estate agents out there, focusing on a specific niche helps you compete in that market. Once you’ve chosen your expertise, you’ll attract a specific clientele. Use organic, hyperlocal search terms people use in every day conversation. Get the most from your marketing activities by keeping a razor sharp focus on your targeting.

3. Become Your Area’s Expert

Have fun with your research. Find out what’s important to home buyers in your locale. Are they proud of their neighborhood school’s performance? If so, blog about related topics like events at the school, activities, after school programs, or a recent school board election.

If it’s local businesses and neighborhood’s restaurants people want, show up at local store openings or research the best restaurants nearby. The more you know about your local market, the more comfortable potential buyers are when you’re showing them a property. Hyperlocal real estate business stamp

4. Stay on Target with Relevant Local Content

Visitors are seeking you out in hopes of finding a real estate expert. Provide relevant content, to strengthen your credibility. Find what people are willing to read, and use your engagement stats to test if what you perceive as valuable news actually gets clicked or not.

Limit the scope of the market area you provide to your website visitors by creating a custom list of cities, counties and zip codes that are within your target area. Great instructions on how to do this can be found here.

There it is in a nutshell. Pick a target, do the research, and stay on target. Become the expert and focus your energies on increasing your brand exposure. Track engagement and focus on maximizing your efforts and resources around campaigns proven to work.

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