• manage signup preferences

Tutorial – Manage Signup Preferences

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Get the information that you need from a new visitor and provide the best initial contact with new leads by editing your signup preferences. View this video to learn how to best manage signup preferences on your IDX Broker pages. Manage Signup Preferences You want your visitors to be comfortable with every step

Invest in Employees to Make it to the Top

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How you feel about your workplace shows in your work. You certainly don't want to talk to a technical support representative who feels under-appreciated, tired, and on the verge of a mental breakdown. At IDX Broker, we don't want to foster that kind of environment, either. We love our employees and they love working here. It

  • referral program

Get Paid for Sharing IDX Broker

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Once you got out of school and realized that referrals won't end up with you in the principal's office anymore, you probably discovered that these are the heart of your business. You now like referrals from your clients and we are no different. We'll even give you some extra credit for spreading the word. IDX Broker has an

  • golf course webinar

Don’t miss out on the golf course webinar

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Learn how to create niche community landing pages that convert! Get tips from our sales expert Micah. Find out how you can use IDX Broker to setup landing pages for specific property types. We'll show you the best settings and options to position yourself as the source for buying luxury golf course community homes in

  • verify your subdomain

Tutorial Tuesday – Verify Your Subdomain

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To get the most benefit from your IDX subdomain, you need to verify it with search engines. We will walk through how to verify your subdomain with Google in this video. Verify Your Subdomain Search engine optimization is not an exact science and it's a constantly moving target. One thing that we do recommend

  • software update

Welcome New IDX Broker Features to Love

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IDX Broker has just released a new update to our software and we are really excited to share some new features. Here are some of the highlights that will impact you the most. Take a look and take advantage of these new IDX features. New IDX Broker Features to Love IDX Broker has been busy

  • basic search fields

Tutorial Tuesday – Basic Search Fields

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Changing advanced fields is one way to help your visitors find what they seek, but what about the basic fields, like price, or number of bedrooms? With IDX Broker Platinum, you have control over these as well. Watch this quick tutorial to change your basic search fields. Basic Search Fields There are two types of

  • reading list

Weekly Reading List – Enjoy Some Variety

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There are some meals that I've had that I swear I could eat everyday, but realistically I know that exploring different foods is both nutritious and enjoyable. Doing the same of anything for too long can be boring and unhealthy. I've compiled posts from different fields, but all of them should help grow your business and

  • confused plumber

Know When to Call in an IDX Pro

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At IDX Broker, we pride ourselves on being the most customizable IDX solution. Even with all the options available, not all are easy to access for someone who is less than tech savvy. If you already have a website, and someone capable of placing a few links on your site, you are ready to start.

  • results page layout

Tutorial Tuesday – Results Page Layout

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IDX Broker Platinum is one of the most customizable IDX solutions on the market. One quick and easy way to change the look of your pages is with our layout templates. This video will show you how to apply changes to the results page layout. Results Page Layout Have you ever wanted to make

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