eMerge built a robust Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) using IDX Broker’s API, which pulls in your IDX generated leads. This allows you to keep up to date on your leads and be there to assist them with your expertise when they need. Let’s walk through eMerge CRM’s many unique features…

CRM’s like eMerge allow you to increase your productivity by recognizing potential buyers, their browsing history, and what they are looking for to be able to assist them in a timely manner and turn that lead into a sale.

eMerge has integrations with many companies that you most likely already use, such as WordPress, Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, and more. View all eMerge integrations here.

These integrations options allow you to control multiple pieces of software within one user interface, saving you time.

Basic IDX and eMerge Overview:

When pulled into eMerge, your leads from IDX Broker are sorted into three categories: Buyers, Sellers, and General. A full customizable and branded “Welcome Email” will automatically be sent on your behalf with content tailored to each of your 3 specific groups. The eMerge system also monitors the latest activity from your leads and after certain intervals of inactivity, eMerge will prompt you (via email and/or text message) to follow up with these leads along with some suggested content, again branded in your email template.

We also allow integration of IDX Featured Properties into your eMerge account that can be featured or utilized on monthly newsletters, drip campaigns, or any custom email you choose to send.

Aside from your IDX specific features, your leads will also be shared into your eMerge Customer Touch Campaign, which is designed to keep your leads engaged before, during, and after the property sale with interesting content from a variety of categories you can choose from. The Consumer Touch Campaign also assists by promoting useful content on your social channels every week.

Traffic history will also be integrated to eMerge from your IDX Broker account. This will help you easily compare lead's website traffic along with email interaction data. Imagine the benefits you can take from this complete picture of your lead’s actual engagement and their online interest.

Main eMerge Dashboard:

As you login to eMerge, you will see the dashboard designed to make you user experience the best possible. At a glance, you will see your recent social media followers, analytics on recent posts and emails, and your own calendar.

Within the eMerge dashboard you’ll have options to view your CRM, email creation, social media blogging, email calendar, and contact the support center.


Through the CRM section, you can import leads via CSV file or import your IDX Broker Leads. You can create groups or lists to ensure your custom email campaigns are reaching the correct folks.

There are 1000’s of email templates, images, and color schemes provided. Or build your own using a “drag-n-drop” email builder! Once you have your email designed, you can select which group or list you would like to reach. You may even schedule these campaigns ahead of time.

eMerge emails are mobile responsive to ensure your clients won’t have trouble reading your correspondences from any mobile device. They even provide a digital safety net that allows you to preview emails on a mobile device before it’s sent.

Social Media:

eMerge doesn't just stop at managing your leads, and sending them marketing emails, but they also allow you to manage your social media outlets (twitter, facebook, linkedin). You can create a post, schedule the date and time, and send that one post to all of your social media outlets that you select. Having the ability to do this via one interface saves you time so you can focus on what is important.


Got an interest in blogging? Create your own blog posts and share them to social media outlets at specifically scheduled specify the times. Plan ahead and make sure your audience does not miss or overlook your hard work.

eMerge Calendar:

The eMerge Calendar is another very important aspect so you can view and manage scheduled emails, social posts, and blog posts all in one easy location. You can click on an item in order to reschedule to a different time, create a social or blog post for a specific day, or select a post that has already gone out in order to see the analytics.

The Report Center:

Want insight on your performance to track your lead conversions? The Report Center will provide social media snapshots that reflect the quality of your impressions, see when your audience is most active, and evaluate what type of content best on your social channels.


eMerge CRM adapts to the user’s needs, fine tunes business strategies, and builds traction on social media accounts. View e-mail reports and get in depth look at your potential customers and monitor the amount of clicks you content is getting. Keep an eye on who, when, and how often individuals are viewing your facebook page or who is visiting your website.

If you are looking for a one-stop marketing solution to can manage blogs, analytics, leads, and marketing emails, then give a shout to eMerge, 985-781-4471.