• step up your real estate game

How Can IDX Step Up Your Real Estate Game

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In the real estate business you need to play to win. A license and company website get you in the game, but these are just the necessary pieces to set the board. To stay in real estate long term, you need to step up your real estate game. With a little practice and creativity you can

  • set detail preferences

Tutorial Tuesday – Set Detail Preferences

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Give your visitors the information they need to make an informed decision in the home buying process. This tutorial will show you how to set your preferences on the property detail pages. Set Detail Preferences The full story about the properties listed on your website is told on the

Tutorial Tuesday – Agent Permissions

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The Agent Permissions feature of your IDX Broker account can help you limit the features that agents have access to while logged into their own agent level dashboard. Agent Permissions An office account in IDX Broker may have many users with different roles. Each agent may require different access

  • add an agent

Tutorial Tuesday – Add an Agent

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Add agent profiles to your office account to give them access to their own Control Panel where they can see their own leads and listings, and create an agent bio page. Add an Agent to an Office Account IDX Broker office accounts allow you to have agents that can track

  • edit link by hand

Tutorial Tuesday – Edit Link By Hand

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For many of the IDX Broker tools, there is an option to Edit Link By Hand. Learn to harness this granular editing of search criteria for an opportunity to change the results of your search. [/fusion_vimeo] Edit Link By Hand IDX Broker uses URL strings to pass variables concerning your property searches. These can be

  • map search widget

Tutorial Tuesday – Create a Map Search Widget

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This Platinum tutorial will show you how to create a Map Search widget to place an interactive Map Search utility on any page of your website. [/fusion_vimeo] Create a Map Search Widget You can make this map small enough to fit in a sidebar, or big enough to fill your whole homepage. It functions

  • syndicate your listings

Tutorial Tuesday – Syndicate Your Listings

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Get more buyers to see your properties by syndicating them to additional websites. This tutorial video shows you how to enable syndication of your featured listings to get more exposure for your properties and get them sold. Syndicate Your Listings Your IDX Broker account includes several syndication tools for publishing your listings on

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