• submit your xml sitemap

Tutorial Tuesday – Submit Your XML Sitemap

Submitting an XML sitemap to Google allows your pages to more easily and quickly be recognized and crawled by Google, which makes them more likely to be found on a web search. Submit Your XML Sitemap Google will not allow you to submit anything for a site that you do not own, so you

  • manage signup preferences

Tutorial Tuesday – Manage Signup Preferences

Provide the best initial contact with new leads, while capturing the contact information you need by editing your signup preferences. Manage Signup Preferences Make it easy for visitors to your site to interact with you and benefit from your real estate expertise. Set your signup preferences to get the contact information that you

  • create targeted facebook ad

Tutorial Tuesday – Create a Targeted Facebook Ad

This tutorial will help you create a landing page for your cost-effective targeted Facebook ad campaign. Create a Targeted Facebook Ad Targeted online advertising can be effective, but you need to have a dedicated landing page. If you use a targeted ad-campaign, but then send leads to a homepage which doesn’t match the